Informationen zur IAPWS

The International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS) is a non-profit association of national organizations concerned with the properties of water and steam, particularly thermophysical properties, cycle chemistry guidelines, and other aspects of high temperature steam, water and aqueous mixtures relevant to thermal power cycles and other industrial and scientific applications.

IAPWS Working Groups
Industrial Requirements and Solutions (IRS)
Thermophysical Properties of Water and Steam (TPWS)
Physical Chemistry of Aqueous Systems (PCAS)
Power Cycle Chemistry (PCC)
Subcommittee on Seawater (SCSW)

IAPWS President
Prof. Masaru Nakahara
Kyoto University, Japan

IAPWS Vice President
Dr. Dan Friend,
Boulder, CO, USA

IAPWS Executive Secretary
Dr. Barry Dooley
Structural Integrity Associates, Southport, UK


For further information on IAPWS,
please access the IAPWS website
or contact the IAPWS Executive Secretary